11 July, 2016

Dutch ‘honest and sustainable clothing’ convenant underlines importance of sustainable process innovations

Dutch secretary Liliane Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Aid has presented a white list of apparel manufacturers and distributors that closely adhere to a new convenant detailing a set of principles regarding sustainability and respectable working conditions in their textile production processes. Over 50 retailers have co-signed the convenant, which corresponds to support of over a third of the total Dutch apparel market. Central themes in the convenant  are the conditions and level of safety for workers in the textile factories and the level of sustainability and the environmental impact of the textile production process. Especially the optimization of the production process and increasing its sustainability necesitates technological innovations.

ECWRTI aims to strengthen this push for increasingly sustainable production processes. In this Horizon 2020 project several European partners put the EColoRO concept to the test. This innovative technology revolves around electrocoagulation followed by membrane filtration, which enables textile mills to reduce their water consumption by up to 90% through increased reuse of wastewater. This enables textile mills to have a smaller impact on the water supply and drasticly reduces the size of waste water streams.

For more information about the project, please consult the information on this website or send your question to info@ecwrti.eu

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