14 December, 2015

ECWRTI presented at the conference ‘Innovating for Sustainability in European Textiles and Clothing’

The Conference held on 28 October in Brussels by the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing, welcomed some 130 participants from 20 European countries. Keynote speakers from industry, international organisations and leading consulting firms confirmed the strongly growing role that all aspects of sustainability play in today’s textiles and clothing business.

Specialised sessions on material sustainability, resource efficient production and new consumer-integrated business models showcased the latest technologies and industry pilots in areas like textile recycling, EU natural fibre utilisation, water and energy-saving or customisation and supply chain transparency. ECWRTI was featured at one of the sessions. Andreas ten Cate from Institute for Sustainable Process Technology presented innovative approaches to textile wastewater recycling through Electrocoagualtion in the ECWRTI project.

Some impressions and materials from the event are available here

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