23 March, 2016

New training workshop for ECWRTI has gone live

A new training workshop created for the ECWRTI project has gone live on Friday March 11th. This workshop aims to create new human centered design solutions based on the electrocoagulation technology. The workshop will be used inside the ECWRTI project, but is designed to be used outside the project as well and in innovation courses in general. This will create an even higher impact of the ECWRTI project and wastewater treatment applications in general and can be used to get acquainted with the human centered design approach. The focus on human centered design leads to sustainable solutions with maximum social responsibility impact. In the workshop tools are used from the design kit created by Ideo.org, an organisation supported among others by the Bill & Melissa Gates foundation. The human centered design approach has been selected due to its focuses on social responsibility and true sustainable solutions. The first workshop has been with talents from the Process Technology Talent Program. The workshop design was done by the ISPT Innovation academy. contact: Frans.vandenAkker@ispt.eu.

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